Is this even an episode? Who knows. Y'all haven't heard from The Sisters Grimm in a while so we decided to put out a minisode where we talk about upco...View Details

In this week’s episode the sisters talk about the iconic 72 B horror films that became known as Video Nasties. Listen as the sisters talk about clas...View Details

On this week's episode, Holly and Morgan pick the state of Indiana, the crossroads of America. The sisters discuss murderers Alton Coleman and Debra B...View Details

This week the sisters talk about some of the Brother's Grimm Fairy Tale's including The Table, The Ass and The Stick, Gambling Hansel, Hans Dumb, The ...View Details

In this episode, learn about the elite Bohemian Club, a secret society made up of wealthy titans of industry, celebrities and several US politicians. ...View Details

Episode 54: Lady Killers

Oh, hey everyone. This episode Morgan & Holly talk about female murderers Silvia Meraz, Aileen Wuornos and Angela Simpson.    website: TheSister...View Details

It's October so you know what that means; it's time to watch a butt-load of horror movies. In this episode Holly and Morgan touch on some found footag...View Details

Bringing up the rear this week is the final chapter of the John Wayne Gacy adventure that started what feels like 15 years ago. In this episode we beg...View Details

Listen to the continuation of the life of John Wayne Gacy. At this time he has gone full blown serial killer and his lust for killing men and young bo...View Details

It's our 50th episode and what better way to celebrate than by doing an episode on one of the most infamous serial killers of all time: John Wayne Gac...View Details

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